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// Tom has only 1 dimple

// He hates bananas

// He hastes his teeth, so he always tries to keep is mouth closed in photos.

// He doesn’t like football

// Tom’s the one who suggested McFly to be the band’s name

// He’s curently dating Giovanna

// He has a younger sister

// He uses ties…a lot!

// He has a younger sister called Carrie

// His parents names are: Deb and Bob

// Danny already lived with Tom and his family for a while

// Hates dark places

// He wanted to be an astronaut or a stripper when he was younger

// Tom was taugh by Ms. McKenzie (from Busted’s song What i go to school for)

// His favourite cartoon charatcter is Bart Simspon

// His favourite Tv program was Friends

// He cried in the last episode of Friends

// Tom likes to talk to….himself!