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Tom Michael Flecther was born at 17 July 1985, in Harrow, England. His parent’s names are Deb and Bob, he has a younger sister called Carrie, a dog and a cat.

Tom’s love for music appeared when he was really young, as he loved to play the guitar.

Soon his parents saw that the boy had talent, so he went to a theatre school, named “Sylvia Young”, at London. He actually worked in that area, by making a few appearences as an actor, the most famous one is probably the HIV commmercial, thet he made when he was 13. You can watch it here: Part 1 // Part 2 (low quality). However he later left the theatre school.

Some years later, he saw on NME that there were castings to a new band (Busted), so he decided to give it a try. Though the producers really liked him, he wasnt picked to teh band (Charlie Simpson got the spot), but our Tom became friends with James Bourne (ex-Busted and currently on Son of Dork).

Tom didnt gave up of his dream, though he wasnt picked to that band, and kept his dream alive, by start writing songs. A few time after that, at V auditions, where he was wroking, he met a boy called Danny Jones, who were the only one in the casting who played the guitar.

They became friends and Tom invited Danny to join him at that band he aimed to create. Jones joined him, they started working on some songs (James Bourne also helped here) and a few time later they already had a contract with Universal Island Records and Prestige Management!

Now they needed a bassist and a drummer, so they made castings. Dougie and Harry were the ones picked: McFLY was born!

The boys first release was the single “Five Colours In Her Hair”, which went straight to number one! It was the first of many successful releases!

McFly are now one of the biggest bands in United Kingdom, and it is thanks to this sweet boy that they born!

In his personal life, Tom’s currently still dating his longtime Giovanna. They’re living together and she’s the one who keeps this boy inspired to write those amazing hits!

Tom is one of the most talented singers/writers of his generation, and there are deffinatly so many success to come!