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// I sang a Seal song to Dougie. *Can i get a kiss on the cheek before bed?* But he wouldn’t kiss me. He gave me the finger and told me to f*** off.

// Mine was a girl called Jess. I was really, really happy when we started going out, and we wrote and called each other loads. Then i went to a party and she was really off with me. I later found out she’s pulled my best mate behind my back. We slipt up, then goit together again – only for her to get off with my other best friend! She destroyed my trust on girls

// It’s flattering when fans say they fancy you but it’s more of a boost to hear they like your music.

// I’m quite atracted to girls I don’t think like me, which does make it though.

// I’m a romantic and some girls love that but others have been put off by me being honest early on.

// I can play it cool but I’d ather just be myseld. If a girl doesn’t like it we go our separate ways. I do miss the dinner and flowers thing though.

// I’m a good complainer! If i order something and they get it wrong, I’ll say something.

// Keira Knightley is pretty special and Rachel Tevens has always been my favourite.

// I cheat at computer games