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// Dougie thinks that Harry borrows his bandmates boxers

// When he was a kid, he used to cut his teddy bears’s hair, because he thought it would grow again!

// He says he slept with Lindsay Lohan, she denies it

// He believes that eat vegetals is weird

// He says he used to have an imaginary friend when he was a kid, called Finch

// He was the one in the drums, in Busted’s video “Crush the Wedding”

// During the G-A-Y performance in 2006, he was the only who who didnt took of all clothes (Harry kept his boxers)

// He prefers brunettes

// He says that he can make an imitation of Duncan James (ex-Blue)

// He’s a Clint Eastwood fan

// He lost his virginity when he was 16

// He’s been dating Izzy Johnson for more than a year

// He hates flying

// He once had a wee in a bottle (and Dougie almost drunk it)

// He loves marmite

// His older brother was (still is?) friends with Charlie Simpsom (ex Busted, now at Fightstar)

// He has a tattoo, made apparently when he was drunk, which says “a tattoo”

// He LOVES cricket

// His favourite book is “I am David” – Anne Holm

// He wanted to be a cricket player when he was younger

// He had his appendic’s removed when he was 15