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Harold Mark Christopher Judd, known as Harry Judd, was born at 23 December 1985, at Chelmsford, England. He grew up there, with his parents, Emma and Chris Judd, his 4 years older sister Katherine and his 2 years older brother Thomas.

Young Judd always wanted to be a…cricket player! That’s right, when he was younger he never thought about becoming a drummer. In an interview he says taht he tried to take guitar lessons when he was young, but he left it because it had much theory, and he got bored.

He studied at the expensive private “Uppingham School”, the school that also attended Charlie Simpson (ex-Busted, currently in Fightstar), who was friends with Harry’s brother.

He started playing drums when he was sixteen, as some of his friends had a punk band, and the drummer left. There was a spot at the drums, and they thought it would be fun if Judd joined them. Harry just sat there, start experimenting, and he found out that he actually liked it! He says that in his school only a few people played the drums, but he emailed one of his friends to ask if he could teach him. He got obsessed and quickly started to improve his skills. Later, he decided to take some lessons. He later changed his band, and by the time he was with a band who played mostly Red Hot Chili Pepers covers.

When Judd’s 17, and Charlie is already in Busted, a friend of them (Josh, who was from Judd’s first band) goes to london with Charlie to try to get a management, but the guy told him tehy were only looking for drummers and bass players at the moment. Josh called Harry, and he decided to make the audition!

He did the audition and was choosed to the band! With McFly, he has been collecting number ones and awards, and tehre’s still much more to come!!!

In 2006, McFly’s invited to play themselves in a Hollywood movie: “Just My Luck”. In this movie there are also another huge starts, such as Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine.

There are rumours that Harry and Lindsay spent a night together. Lindsay say thats completly false…Harry says it is the most pure truth and makes himself available to say it with a a lie detector at Oprah Show, so that people would know who was telling the truth….

Now, Harry’s dating Izzy Johnson, who plays the violin.