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// I spoke to my psicho lizard

// I shared a bed with Danny a while ago. I wanted to help someone warm and strong”

// To be honest, I’m pretty boring when it comes to girls. We give off this rock’n'roll impression but we’re just normal guys

// Growing up, teher wasnt really much competition between me and my mates about sex, the only thing we cared about was skateboarding.

// My first time? Bit doggy, but it was like the first time you do anything…and I sill suck at it!

// If you can, I’d say save you virginity. It’s better if you do it with someone you’ve been with for a while.

// There are so many celebrities I fancy. im not picky!

// If I had to chat up a girl I’d take an ice cube, smash it on the floor and say “That broke the ice!”

// A girl catch my eye everday. She just ahs to have a pretty face. I haven’t seen any today, but tehre will be someone.

// Actually, I was a chiken in my rpeviews life.

// I had a crush in a girl for about a year, but i never did anything about it

// If I was Rachel Sevens I’s stare at myself naked all day

// The most romantic thing you could do is make-out under the stars.

// Muscular armpis are a real turn-off.

// The other day, I played piano naked