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// He loves lizards

// He has a lizard called Zukie

// He’s considered the McFly’s weirdo

// His favourite band is Blink 182

// His first crush was in a girl called Chelsea

// He “married” Harry in the Wonderland tour (Tom was the priest)

// He loves Tom Delongue from Blink 182

// There was a rumour that Dougie liked to eat people’s dead skin (Dougie said himself that this ain’t truth!)

// He wrote Transylvania and Silence is aScary Sound

// He would like the song “Happy Holidays” (Blink 182) to play in his funeral

// He is scared of dark and fire

// He almost drunk a bottle of Harry’s urine

// He once accidentally hada wee on Tom’s hand!

// His sense of humor is weird (his bandmates said it and he confirmed it)

// He licked Dave Williams’s (ex Son of Dork) nipple while Son of Dork was recording the Ticked Outta Loserville video.

// Once, his math teacher made him cry

// His first kiss was when he was 13

// He used to be in a band called Ataiz

// If he wasn’t in McFly, he would be studying reptiles

// He says he is very hairy, and his bum hair is very long

// His favourite chocolate bar is Galaxy

// He could speek greek fluenty when he was 3 years old!

// He had a crush on his PE teacher

// He once snogged four girls in one night in a friend’s party

// His earliest memory was his mum giving him a bath in the kitchen sink

// His best friend’s name is Will

// He would like to live in Orange County (USA)