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This gorgeous bassist is probably the most misterious McFly member, which is the reason why it is really hard to know anything about him for sure. However we’ll do our best to tell you at least the basics of his life…

Dougie Lee Poynter , known as Dougie Poynter, Dougie McFly or just THE hottie, was born at Corringham (Essez), England, at 30 November 1987. He used to live with his parents, his mum’s called Sam, his dad: Gary who left home about 2 weeks before Dougie joined McFly, they hadn’t talked since that, and his three years younger sister: Jazzie.

He attended to “Gable Hall School Arts College”. Being described as quiet, shy and, as he says a “loser”, he wasnt much popular at school.

He played in a band called Ataiz, you can see a video of them preforming “Silence is a scary sound” HERE, this song was writen and is singed by Dougie.

When he was only 15, he auditioned to join McFly, and he was admited! The others said that, though he was really young, he was by far the one with the best technique, from everyone who was in that casting! And he wasnt even at his best, as he was really nervous to that castings, he even vomited! In an interview he admits that if he wasn’t picked to the band he would probably don’t try any other casting.

Since those times, he has changed a lot, he is now considered one of the hottest young stars, he won the award for “Top Mop” and in 2006 he won the Virgin award for “Most Fanciable Male”, he now seems way more confident, talks more in the interviews, he actually recently said that the reason he was so quite at the beggining was probably coz his dad had left home amd he wasn’t full recovered yet. But his bandmaits claim that lilttly Poynter is only quiet in front of the camera, behind it he’s wild!

In later 2007, Dougie confessed he was in love with a girl called Louise.