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/ Question: How many nights a week do you sleep alone? Answer “I’m not saying – my mum’ll read this!”

// It always throws me when a girl starts chatting me up.

// I saw the most amazing brunette the other day. She was looking and I was looking back but what are you supposed to do next? If anyone knows please let me know!

// The secret to a good date is to go somewhere you can chat easily.

// In our old house we thought we were being nroken into and we locked ourselves in Dougie’s room with breadknives!

// Cheryl (Girls Aloud) has got an amazing bum. Everytime i see her, Im like “ahhh!”

// I Like it when girls leave notes.

// The other day, when i was driving, I stopped at the traffic lights and waved at a girl, she smiled and waved me back!

// We used to always scare Tom- We would break in round the back of the house…

// I’m not romantic, but once i cooked for a girl – she was impressed!

// Gentle kisses are so much better than fast, messy ones.

// They assume I can have any girl I want but I’ve not got the confidence to pull it off most off the time.

// (about how long does it takes before he trust in a girl) It makes me a couple of months. I’m always wary. I was going out with this girl once and I found out she was moaning about me in the girl’s toilets!

// There’s nothing more romantic than taking a girl to a sit-down meal at an italian restaurant.

// I’ve never had my heart broken. When you’re young relationships are just a bit of fun.

// Well, i was bullied at school for playing the guitar so i guess ive got once over on the bullies by being in McFly.

// I’d marry Anna Kournikove right now! Or Rachel Bilson, or Sarah Harding, or Lindsay Lohan!

// I went out with Lee (Ryan) the other night, We went to a club called The Penthouse in London and he started singing gospel in my ear. Aren’t i lucky?!

// My fist time was pretty crap, but stil epic.

// (Harry says he spent hours filing his nails) No way! That’s awful! I just bite mine!

// One girl invited me to go and see her band. The next thing I jnew she’s told a papes I was her boyfriend to get her band publicity! It0s shattered my trust in girls.

// I’ve never received a proper love bite and I don’t want to either – I think they’re disgusting! A girl gave me a tiny one on my belly once for a joke. I hated it!

// These days people say keep it till you’re married, but what if you marry someone without sleeping with them then they’re rubish in bed?!

// Whenever i g to the supermarket, i end up getting weird stuff. Last time i went late at night and all i bough was a DVD and a toothbrush! And i forgot my lottely ticket…

// I once dated a girl who stank the whole room out. T thought i’d give her a chance – maybe she could stuck on some papermint or chew some gum. But no, it was deep down stinky breath. And you cant get rid of that.

// Everynight, i used to walk 12 miles to the next town, juts to see a certain girl i liked.

// I’ve been wearing this pair of jeans since i bough them . I still havent washed them

// I’d be a pole dancer! My mum teaches me. It suits me. Throw money at me, come on!

// (about his celebrity looka like) Brad Pitt…no Georghe Clooney. Yeah! Actually someone called me Razorlight once. They were taking the psst and said “Hey Razorlight!”

// I had a girlfriend back home but it’s hard when you’re on road and meeting so many other girls so i finished it. Now i just watch porn instead!

// I always get numbers from girls – but i don’t give them mine.

// Once girls have a problem with someone they never let it go.

// I’ve never kissed a famous person. Well, apart from the lads. So i suppose it would be Tom. I licked him on the cheek. Nice.

// Mates ask me how many girls I’ve pulled and I let them think I’ve had loads but i haven’t really.