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// On the 12th March was Danny’s 18th Birthday and he was performing with the rest of McFly at Wembley arena on the Busted tour and Tom made the crowd sing happy birthday to him!

// He’s a big fan of Bruce Springsteen!

// Danny is always described by his manager as the ‘funny one’ in the band but Danny explains that ‘”he only calls me the funny one because I have a Bolton accent which makes me sound really funny and dumb”.

// Danny likes to keep himself known as a player, he said in an interview he has already been with 19 girls…in one night!

// If he could change a part of his body, it would be his legs, as he things that they are too slim.

// He used to fancy Joss Stone, however when they met she treated them (McFly) as childs.

// He loves pizza

// He admits he misses his sunday’s dinners, at his grandmum’s house.

// He doesnt like the song “Surfer Babe”