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Daniel Alan David Jones was born at 12 March 1986, at Bolton (England), where he lived with his parents Alan Jones (we don’t know for sure what’s his professional activity, there are rumours that it is something like dog’s coach) and Kathy Jones (hairstylist), as long as with his sister, Vicky Jones, one year older than him.

Danny’s first school was Thornleigh Salesian College, but he finished his studies at Bury College.

His first contact with music was when he was only 5, and received a guitar toy (one of those made of plastic). Danny got hoocked with it, and his parents soon realised his special relationship with music. There are rumours that his love for this guitar was so big that he even used to sleep with it, like teddy bear!

He’s first concert was in 1992, to watch Bruce Springsten, his all time main hero!

He learned how to play the guitar by himself, but later he decided to take some classes, because he was joining a band. This band’s name was “Y2K”, and the members were Danny Jones at guitar, Vicky Jones (his sister) at vocals and a friend of them, Chris, in percussion. They were all really young at the time, but still made some appearences in Tv Shows (speccially those “young talent competition” ones) and even won some awards. However, later the band ended, tough Vicky Jones co-writed with Danny the McFly’s song “Don’t Know Why”, which is supposedly about their parents divorce.

Danny has a catholic education, and he admits that the song “Not Alone”, written by himself, is about that: being down but know that you have “someone” (God) always there with you.

When he was still in Bolton, he used to write pieces of songs in a table, next to his bed, when he didnt had papers when he got the idea.

When Danny was a bit older, he read at NME that there was casting to make a new band, Busted, so Danny decided to go to London and take a chance. But the boy went to wrong casting, so in spite attending to Busted’s casting, he attended to the V one. V is the kind of boyband who doesnt play instruments, so the guys who were making the tests were really surprised when they saw that boy with the guitar. He was obviously not chosed.

However this wrong casting was deffinatly worth, as it was there that he met Tom Flecther, who did the casting for Busted, and though he wasnt picked to the band, the producers really liked him.

Tom saw Danny’s talent, and invited him to join him and try to get a label contract. They played to Universal’s producer and he liked them and saw that they had future, so hired them. That was the beggining of McFly-which hadn’t name yet and only had 2 members. The label placed Danny and Tom, so that they could work on the band’s songs.

After some work done, they showed it to the label, and Universal Island Records signed them, as long as Prestige Management ( a management company, obviosuly)

An announcement was placed at NME, and after some casting Dougie and Harry joined the band: McFLY was created.

McFly released their 1st single “5 Colours in Her hair”, which went straight to number one. His mum says that she had loads of clients (girls) who actually wanted her to paint their hair with five colours!

Danny’s now a successful, talented and charming young man… and he start dating a model. Things didn’t end up really good, the girl went to english tabloids talking about how Danny was…at bed! She says that Danny was not so good, and that he keep his socks on while…ermm…while doing it.
Danny tough that it would be the end of his promising career, right after the 1rt single. He later said that his grandparents felt really bad about it, that it was his first time and joked that he liked to keep his socks on at bed.

After this “incident”, Mr. Jones began his player times, always with different girls, during those times loads of rumours of him dating models and fans came out. The McFly boys were good friends of Kelly Osbourne, and there was also rumours that Danny was dating her – it was just rumours, and i personally believe that they were really just friends (like Danny said).

In 2005 this gorgeous guy won the “T4 Poll Winners” award for Most Fanciable Male, he says the other McFly guys keept making jokes about it, saying that if he won, the other guys must be awful ( yea, right!). However, even though he had to hear those jokes, he admits it was something worth to win, as he walked along with Rachel Stevens.

After filming Just My Luck, Harry Judd introduces him to Kendra, Linday Lohan’s best friend, and Danny get’s intertested in her. When McFly go back to UK, they keep in touch, and later she goes (with Keeley, who dated Dougie) to Uk to visit them.
Danny falls for her and thinks that she likes him back, they’re dating and everything goes perfectly…until the day she decided thats time to end her visit and get back to the United States.
It seems that to Kendra this wasn’t a serious relationship, and she though that for Danny it was the same. They were from completely different worlds, Danny’s the innocent Bolton boy, Kendra is a Californian girl, full of attitude, and who party with Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton…
Danny was heartbroken (aparently it was during those times that he wrote songs like Bubble Wrap or Good Night (a different version of Star Girl) – those lyrics show that he isnt just the dumb/funny/player some people think…he’s a guy, and with real feelings!

After some time he meets Olivia Shawn, a photographer (there are rumours that they meet during the Motion In The Ocean shoots). They are currently dating and our Danny seems really happy with her.

In 2007, he’s been nominated for two awards at the Nickeodon’s Kids Choice Awards in Uk (presented by McFly). The awards were best band, with McFly, and best male Singer. They won the first one.