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Posted at August 18th, 2008 Under Site Updates | 2 For The Radio »

Hi everyone!

McFLY Online is currently nominated to September SOTM at Portrait Magazine and we really REALLY need your vote! We currently have 4 sites with more votes than us, so please take a second to go here and vote for us! (you can find the poll in the right sidebar).

Thank you SO much to everyone who voted!

Concert Review

Posted at August 17th, 2008 Under News | 1 For The Radio »

I’ve found a review of McFLY’s performance at Belvoir Castle, by, read bellow:

A chill in the air and the ever-present threat of rain. It must be time for the latest in the series of ‘Midsummer’ concerts at Belvoir Castle.

The lakeside setting in view of the castle is idyllic, it’s just a shame the weather doesn’t like to play ball.

Not that the prevailing conditions were bothering the teens crammed against the crush barriers near the stage on Saturday night.

They were busy whipping themselves up into a frenzy for the arrival of McFly - the pop quartet of Tom, Danny, Dougie and Harry.

This was as close as Belvoir Castle gets to hysteria.

We had an impassioned plea for the throng to all take a step back as paramedics were fearing for those (un)fortunate enough to find themselves at the front.

And when the band appeared throng became thong as a pair of knickers were hurled on to stage, wrapped around a packet of Starburst in an innocent sort of way.

But what of the band?
Well, do you know, they’re really rather good.

OK, so seven number one singles may suggest that should be the case, but as a live act they know how to work an audience and everyone was having a fantastic time.

The band’s juvenile humour seemed to appeal - spitting, belching and the inevitable gags surrounding the venue’s name.

But when they got on and played, pop pickers, they really rocked.

The night was a showcase for their latest album, Radio:Active, which was given away free in the Mail on Sunday last month (and boosted sales of the paper by 300,000 by the way).

But there were plenty of the big hits too in the 80-minute, 15-song set.

The energetic boys kicked off with One For The Radio and Everybody Knows off the giveaway album before stepping back to 2004 and their second single Obviously.

POV brought us bang up to date before we went retro again with Star Girl, That Girl and Transylvania.

Falling in Love, written and recorded in Australia for the new album, was up next before Please, Please from 2006 got a blast.

The highlight of the evening followed, Lies, their next single, which Tom boldly introduced as “the best song we’ve ever written together”.

It needed to be good after that, and it didn’t disappoint… reserve the number one slot for it in late September.

The evening careered through some biggies as we headed all too quickly towards the conclusion, Do Ya, All About You and Room on the 3rd Floor.

And the last song was The Last Song, surprisingly enough… the final track off their new album.

Except it wasn’t quite the end, of course, as the four of them bounced back on stage to rip through the single that started it all, in March 2004, Five Colours in Her Hair.

A great night. Well done, boys.


Posted at August 14th, 2008 Under News | 0 For The Radio »

There’s two new blogs at McFLY’s official myspace:

Hey everyone,

Sorry we haven’t done a blog for a while…been stupidly busy as usual! We shot the video last week for our next single “LIES”. It was an awesome video shoot. We’re waiting to see the finished video. Think you’re gonna love it. We’ve never done anything like it before.

We’re sorting out all the album artwork at the mo for radio:ACTIVE deluxe edition. We can’t wait for you to hear the new songs on it. Danny has produced one of them, sounds awesome.

When we were in Australia i wrote a couple of short stories for a book called WOW! 366. It’s out now if you wanna check them out.

Anyway, have a good week.



Hello all
I trust your hunky dory
Im just finishing my Thank Yous for the album booklet and i had an idea…

The First five people to post a comment on this blog with there first and last name i shall thank in my thank yous



McFly’s new material ready to wow the Carlisle crowd

Posted at August 14th, 2008 Under News | 0 For The Radio »

JOHN FULLER chats to cheeky pop boy band McFly, who are headlining Carlisle Live next weekend

CARLISLE Live headliners McFly can’t wait to wow the crowds with new material they describe as their best yet.

The cheeky foursome will be one of the main attractions at the two-day event next weekend, with Irish group Boyzone.

The band have just released a fifth album, Radio:ACTIVE, under their own record label and will be playing some of their new hits at Carlisle’s showpiece event.

Tom Fletcher, frontman, said: “Now that we have left Universal we can really be ourselves and I think that comes across in the new album.

“Before we were tied down and everything was a bit hectic with deadlines that needed to be met.

“Every little thing we did was analysed and if we wanted to change a line in a song then a meeting was arranged and everyone argued.

“But now that we are on our own things are much different. We went to Australia and took our time over the new things. We have worked really hard and I am extremely proud of the album we have produced.

“We have done some good stuff before and created some catchy pop tunes but this is out best material yet and we will be playing our new stuff in Carlisle.”

Tom said he was looking forward to meeting the winner of our meet McFly competition at Carlisle Live.

He said he knew exactly how it felt to be in awe of your idols.

He said: “I know what it is like to be a fan meeting your heroes. When I met Green Day it was amazing and really made my whole year.

“That is why I love meeting the fans because we have all been in their shoes.

“I don’t always remember people and faces I have seen but when we say hello, shake hands or sign an autograph or two the fans remember us and really appreciate it.”

The new album features the chart topping On The Radio and The Heart Never Lies, but Tom’s favourites are Do Ya and The Last Song, he said.

“Do Ya is just a great pop track and that is what we try to produce. We want to produce ballsy rock/pop tracks that will get people singing.

“We are looking forward to the festival because playing live is the reason we are in the industry we are,” he added.

The boys are best friends on and off stage, and Tom said it was a reason for their success.

He said: “It is great because we all live next door to each other so when we are not working we hang out together.

“We have a lot of fun off set and writing tracks together. The boring part comes when we have to promote our album or whatever but you know that once the promotion is done then we are back on the road.

“Playing at gigs and festivals cannot be beaten and we can’t wait to be at Carlisle Live and then kick off our tour.” {Times & Star}

McFly looking to buzz new market?

Posted at August 13th, 2008 Under News | 0 For The Radio »

Posted at

What are we to make of McFly releasing their new album Radio:Active as a free gift with a Sunday newspaper? Are the band trying to colonise a new market with their punky pop music?

If that’s the case, then their two upcoming dates at East Midlands heritage properties (they also play Lincoln Castle on Aug 23) could endear them to this new demographic even more, as the Duke Of Rutland’s ancestral seat at Belvoir is about to resound to the strains of Five Colours In Her Hair and Obviously.

The band’s loyal young following will, naturally, turn out in force to see their pop idols, so like any sensible parent organising a teenage party, the estate managers may want to lock up their choicest treasures just in case things get out of hand.

Calzaghe’s girlfriend stars in McFly’s new video

Posted at August 11th, 2008 Under News | 0 For The Radio »

Article posted today at walesonline

STUNNING Jo-Emma Larvin may not have five colours in her hair.

But Joe Calzaghe’s girlfriend was Obviously the right choice for McFly’s latest video when she agreed to don blue extensions.

The model and actress, 27, has taken on the female lead in the boy band’s promo flick for new single Lies, playing a futuristic music queen.

And it was hard graft as she spent two gruelling days this week filming scenes that involved martial arts and fire-throwing stunts as well as aerial wire work.

34DD Jo-Emma told Wales on Sunday last night: “I was so thrilled to be asked to star in McFly’s video.

“It’s a great song and video – and I was chuffed to play the lead female role, especially as I get to act in some dramatic scenes.”

And she was glad to get rid of the hair extensions once she was done on set.

Jo-Emma said: “I had blue hair extensions in and I had to rip them out. I could not keep blue hair, I had another shoot to do.”

She was one of hundreds on set, stopping only to say a quick ‘hello!’ to McFly.

As well as other small acting roles, she has also designed a range of jeans and is keen to make animal documentaries.

But despite her blossoming career, she says she and Joe, 36, still have their feet firmly on the ground.

“I’m a taking-the-dog-for-a-walk-up-the-nearest mountain-in-my-wellies sort girl,” she said.

“We don’t do premieres. We can’t be bothered traipsing up red carpets.

“When Joe’s preparing for a match it’s a full-time job for both of us. He eats a special healthy diet. I cook all his meals for him. When he can’t eat cakes and biscuits, I don’t either. When he has to give up alcohol, I quit with him.

“We’re just an average couple doing what normal couples do.”

And even after being together for more than four years, Jo-Emma says the spark between her the super middleweight champ is very much alive.

She said: “The chemistry between us is so strong you can feel it. I love dressing up for him.

“He goes wild for silk nighties, wisps of things.

“He’s also mad about towering high heels worn with very short skirts, the miniest of mini, and maybe a tiny little vest top.

“He also likes me in a slinky, ultra-sophisticated, clinging evening gown, something chic.”

But unlike other WAGs she says she doesn’t splash out on designer clothes – despite Joe being worth a staggering £10m and having a global property portfolio.

She said: “Boxers, even champions, don’t earn anything like the insane amounts of money footballers do.

“I’ve got a couple of designer handbags. That’s it.

“I’m crazy about shoes, but mine are from Dune and Faith, ordinary high street shops. I certainly can’t afford to swan about and snap up dozens of pairs of Jimmy Choos.”

Despite having to get up to all sorts of difficult stunts for the music video, Jo-Emma says she’s not a big fan of the gym or physical exertion.

She said: “My key to keeping my weight down is my golden retriever Sonny. I walk him several times a day, as fast as I can. That’s the only exercise I need.

“I think the biggest mistake girls make is to starve themselves all day. That way, by evening they’re ravenous and can’t stop stuffing themselves.

“The best thing is to eat regularly, not obsess about food. Don’t deprive yourself of anything. You’ll only crave it.”

Lies will be released next month.

McFly Dougie reveals “horny” McGiffin kiss

Posted at August 10th, 2008 Under News | 1 For The Radio »

Dougie talked about his kiss with Carol McGiffin, here’s an article posted at digitalspy

McFly bassist Dougie Poynter has revealed that he shared a “horny” kiss with Loose Women’s Carol McGiffin.

The boyband star confessed to smooching with the 48-year-old at an event at London’s G-A-Y.

“We played a gig at G-A-Y and guess who he pulled [points to Dougie] - properly pulled,” said bandmate Harry Judd on T4’s Vodafone TBA.

Singer Tom Fletcher said: “Carol from Loose Women.”

Explaining the incident, Dougie commented: “She introduced us on stage, it was the last night so celebrities were there.

“There was paps there, I didn’t want many pictures so I tried to cover it up, thinking it would be a kiss on the cheek.

“I didn’t think she’d want to kiss me and I thought she’d kiss me on the lips and she proper went in. I was grinning so she was probably licking my teeth… It was a good kiss, a very horny kiss.”

Rod Stewart’s Rude Pranks On McFly

Posted at August 10th, 2008 Under News | 0 For The Radio »

Posted today at postchronicle

Scottish rocker Rod Stewart has a penchant for playing rude pranks, according to British boyband McFly.

Stewart once offered the pop group a trip on his private jet, flying from Dublin, Ireland to London.

And the boyband were shocked to discover that the star had drawn X-rated doodles all over their passports.

Singer Danny Jones says, “Rod told us he needed our passports and collected them - then he drew rude things on our photos.”

And the band were left red-faced at the airport after realising the scribbles were permanent.

Tom Fletcher adds, “We had to send off for new passports.”

Gallery update

Posted at August 8th, 2008 Under Media | 0 For The Radio »

Gallery updated with pictures of McFLY’s performance at August 02, 2008.

image.jpg image_(11).jpg image_(13).jpg image_(28).jpg image_(7).jpg image_(2).jpg

Performances > 2008 > 02 Jul: PITP

New video

Posted at August 7th, 2008 Under News | 3 For The Radio »

TOP boy band McFly was in Somerset yesterday to film for its forthcoming music video.

The multi-million selling band used Berrow Beach for the video which is based around the theme of Mad Max.

Everyone at Sedgemoor District Council was sworn to secrecy about the filming to avoid too much disruption from fans.

Bristol based production company Collision Films chose to use the location.

Berrow Beach and Brean Down have been used for numerous films over the years including Elizabeth the Golden Age with Cate Blanchett.

The filming by McFly went on until 10.30pm yesterday.

McFly recently performed in Weston-super-Mare at T4 On The Beach which took place on the town’s beach on July 20. {source}

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