Birthday Project: Tom Fletcher, 2007

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What does this project consist in? This project is an union of 3 different gifts, offered to Tom Flecther in is Birthday (2007).

1st. We offered Tom a star! What does that mean? Well, a star was registered with the name “Tom Fletcher”. And who could be more “star boy” than Tom?! He has stars tattoos, he loves spacial stuff and he’s one of our favourite stars! 2nd.

2nd.We made a book to send along with the star registry. This book was be divided in 7 sections:
-Introduction (an introduction to the book)
-All About The Star (some info on the star we will name Tom Flecther)
-Unicef Donation (we explain Tom in what that consists and exactly how we helped)
-Messages (here‘s be placed all the messages sent) -Fan Art (poems, draws (scans of it), fanfictions)
-Questions (there’s anything you always wanted to ask Tom? Do it here! Maybe he answers to us =)
-McFlying To Portugal (some infromation about this McFly Online’s project)
-Participants (a list of EVERYONE who participate!

3rd. Tom’s a pretty successful lil’boy, so he doesnt really need us to buy anything to him, right?
…but he knows there’s people who really need help (just think about what McFly did in Uganda!), so, after buying the star, the extra money from your (and our) donations, this money was donated to Unicef, to help children! The money donated was also be referenced in the book.
Below you can see some scans/pictures of the stuff sent :)

The book:

The post office bills (proof that it was sent and that the star was brought):

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