Mcfly Hoping For Sex Doll Replicas

McFly think it would be ”funny” to release a range of sex dolls in their own likenesses for their male and female fans to buy. McFly want lifesize sex dolls of themselves . The group – comprising Tom Fletcher, Harry Judd, Danny Jones and Dougie Poynter – think it would be “funny” to create raunchy [...]

Emma Watson’s security watching McFly?

Emma Watson’s security were not taking any chances with boy band McFly at the Harry Potter premiere. Drummer Harry Judd has revealed that he was stopped by the magical star’s security inside the cinema and banned from walking past her and Daniel Radcliffe. Judd added: “I was like, look I know they’re like massively famous [...]

Danny’s football dreams

McFly’s Danny Jones has said he would give up his pop career to become a footballer. Danny was given the choice of choosing between football or music when he was 16, but would love to balance both careers now in an instant if he could. “That would be amazing, because I’ve done it now, done [...]

McFLY’s Tour Addictions

On the last McFly tour the boys became addicted to video games, the badasses. In an interview with Entertainmentwise, the boys spoke about touring and how the keep themselves entertained on the bus. “We’ll sit and watch a film and play X Box.” said drummer Harry Judd. The boys even joked about it affecting their [...]

McFLY at Studio 5

Today, the McFLY boys were at Studio 5 for an interview and to perform Party Girl, you have links to the videos bellow. Interview Performing Party Girl