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Fabulous (update)

29 October 2011no comments Media, News

Added pictures of Harry looking incredibly hot:

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He’s spent seven years playing second fiddle to his more extrovert band mates. But drummer Harry Judd is ready to quickstep out of the shadows, and boy was it worth the wait…

With his brooding good looks, sexy dance-floor skills and, blimey, that six-pack, Harry Judd should be the most eligible man in Britain.

But – sorry girls – there’s just one teeny tiny problem. The hottest thing to hit Strictly Come Dancing this series happens to be madly in love with his (stunningly beautiful, super-intelligent, multi-talented) girlfriend.

In fact, he admits that he wants nothing more in life than to marry Escala violinist and former Britain’s Got Talent hopeful Izzy Johnston, 27. Apologising for a streaming cold – a result of his gruelling dance training – he says: “She’s the only girl in the world for me, I absolutely know 100 per cent that in her I have found The One, and yes I do want marriage, kids, the whole deal with Izzy. I think I’m lucky to have her.”

While his phwoar factor is pretty obvious – no wonder Lindsay Lohan jumped on the gorgeous drummer when McFly appeared in her movie, Just My Luck in 2006 – there’s a lot about former public schoolboy Harry, 25, that has the “aww” factor, too.

He’s chuffed to bits that he’s finally made his gran proud by being on Strictly: “She did once come to a McFly gig but I think she was confused because she thought we made a right racket.” He’s 100 per cent loyal to his band mates: “It’s always the best when they come down to the studio, they are the best guys in the world.” He can even admit to having a soft spot for Strictly diva Nancy Dell’Olio: “Nancy is just hilarious because she sits and demands champagne, but it’s the most natural thing in the world to her.”

But it’s when Harry talks about his romance with Izzy that he turns into the biggest softie. The two of them began dating three years ago, but split after 18 months when work pressures drove them apart. A year ago, they got back together and have been inseparable ever since.

Harry says: “We met when we were doing a gig in a church in Bristol. I’d just come out of quite a rough time in my life and I looked at this girl, and she noticed me and it was like the cliché of love at first sight.

“I thought she was the most perfect girl I’d ever seen and we just started seeing each other straight away. She moved in and it was all great, but then things changed for me.”
Settling down

Harry explains: “Izzy is two years older than me. I joined McFly when I was 17, and by 21 I’d fast-tracked into this life of contracts, mortgages, and working non-stop. I felt I’d missed out on a lot of life, like going to uni and sharing flats. I worked all the way through most of my mates’ 18th and 21st birthdays and even though I loved Izzy, loved being in McFly, I also really enjoyed the company of loads of guys I was at boarding school with.

“I was living out of town with Izzy just around the corner from where the rest of the band had bought houses, and I told her I wanted to move to London and just have time living on my own with my friends. She wasn’t happy, but she understood she had to let me go.

“And then it all got really complicated. I was working, she was working, we hardly saw each other and decided to have a break.”

He pauses: “I did really worry about what would happen if she met someone else. There was never anyone else for me, it was just that I needed to get things out of my system.”

It was Izzy who, after six months apart, turned up on his doorstep one day. Presumably manicured chic and dolled up to within an inch of her life to show him exactly what he was missing?

He laughs: “Totally the opposite. She was standing there in tears with make-up running down her face. The momentI saw her I knew I couldn’t ever be without her.

“I asked her if she’d move back in with me, then I said I actually wanted us to buy a place together, not a house but a home. We’ve decorated it how we both want, and just a few weeks ago I was saying how amazing it actually worked out and we are where we should be. I definitely want to marry her. I’m pretty old-fashioned, I want to do things the right way. But I know she’s the only girl for me.”

I want marriage, kids, the whole deal

Wow. It sounds like a scene from a Richard Curtis movie.

Harry looks momentarily embarrassed. “Sorry, I don’t usually talk about my private life. I normally say nothing…

“I asked her recently whether she ever doubted we’d get back together after we split or whether she ever worried someone else would come along, and she told me that she always believed that however far apart we were, we were tied to each other by a cord.”

You have to wonder how Izzy feels about him spending so much time with beautiful redhead (and single) dancer Aliona Vilani, 27, Harry’s professional partner on Strictly.

Harry laughs: “She doesn’t care. It’s true there are loads of romances on Strictly, but nothing is going to happen. Izzy is the least jealous girlfriend in the world.”
Overcoming anxiety

Quite. In fact, the push to encourage him to take part in the BBC1 dance contest in the first place came from Izzy. Harry had never danced until a year ago, when he performed in a one-off Strictly challenge against Rochelle Wiseman from The Saturdays.

He won, and was asked back for the next series.

“Obviously I said no,” he laughs. “I knew I’d get really nervous and anxious. But then Izzy kept telling me not to be so neurotic and that I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to train with a total professional and learn a new skill. I decided she was right and that I should go for it. So I did.”

He now trains for a gruelling eight hours a day, up to seven days a week with Aliona.

“Doing Strictly has been a massive life change for me, but it was Izzy who pushed me to do it and I’m absolutely loving it. I even quite like the sparkly outfits – despite the fact I felt a real idiot in them at first.

Lindsay Lohan introduced me as her boyfriend

“I don’t consider myself sexy or remotely hot in any way. I’m the drummer, the guy who sits at the back behind the band and tries not to get noticed. ”

He says his McFly mates, who have enjoyed 17 Top-10 singles and sold an estimated 8 million records worldwide, have gone from laughing about his outfits to being genuinely impressed by his ballroom prowess.

“I’m really working, because part of me is doing this for myself but I also feel like I’m representing McFly. So I have to do the absolute best I can because this is also for the band.”

Strictly has given him a new raft of mates including Jason Donovan. Harry insists he’s not bothered by the “scandal” of the Aussie having had what he calls dance “tips” before the show.

“I don’t care. He’s so focused and driven it doesn’t surprise me, and he’s also one of the best dancers,” he says.

Robbie Savage has also become a close pal along with Chelsee Healey from Waterloo Road. “You get to spend time together, so there is a lot of bonding. Everyone is struggling and knackered and lots of us are coping with injuries, so it breaks down a lot of barriers. There is a real team spirit backstage,” says Harry.

He might be starring in a reality show, but Harry (and band mates Danny Jones, 25, Tom Fletcher, 26, and Dougie Poynter, 23) have never been interested in cashing in on their fame.

“We’ve never done the party or club circuit. Some people love it, but it’s never been ‘us’. If we do end up at a party, we all stand together, drinks in hand, wondering how long we have to wait till we can get out of there. I know a lot of bands keep their name in the media by turning up to loads of things, but that lifestyle has never really done it for us.”
Given the kiss-off

The group’s trip to America to appear in a Lindsay Lohan movie burned Harry, he admits.

“I had a fling with Lindsay when we were doing the film,” he says (although her publicist denied it at the time). “She completely instigated it. It was surreal. We went to a club in her limo. She introduced me as her boyfriend, then told me to kiss her. Then she invited me back to her hotel and I left at eight o’clock the next morning.

“A couple of nights later I saw her again at another party and she blanked me. At the end of the night, she asked me back to her place and I turned her down. It was all a bit insane.”

Acting, sequins and dancing aside, Harry’s first love will always be music. And he’s looking forward, post-Strictly, to getting back to the day job of being a drummer.

“McFly will always come first. I love the band and I love being in the band, and we want to be around for as long as is possible.”

As to who he thinks may win the show, he admits he hasn’t a clue. “But I wouldn’t rule out Russell Grant,” he says.

“He is actually pretty good – he’s got rhythm and he’s getting better and better each week.”

He doesn’t quite rock the slashed tops like you do though, Harry…

So Harry, when was the last time you…

CRIED “Yesterday, I was rehearsing with Aliona and I got so hysterical with laughter I ended up crying.”

LIED “I can’t think of when I last lied. I’m not lying when I say this either!”

BROKE THE LAW “I think there has possibly been a bit of speeding sometime over the past few weeks.”

GOT DRUNK “In February. I’ve pretty much stopped drinking. You certainly can’t dance with a hangover.”

HAD AN ARGUMENT “Yesterday. Izzy made roast chicken, but I wanted pasta. It was a bicker, not a row.”

SAID “I LOVE YOU” “This morning. To Izzy, of course.”


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